The Matrixmobil®
Practical Accessories

For the therapeutic treatment in Human Medicine as well as in Veterinary Medicine there are the following pictured and listed accessories for the Matrixmobil® available.

Image Label Description Price in AU$
resonator_60px1 Resonator with magnet Replacement part for the MaRhyThe manual applicator with magnet $190
resonator_60px Resonator without magnet Replacement part for the MaRhyThe manual applicator without magnet $180
applikatorkabel_60px Applicator cable Connecting cable 12V from the MaRhyThe manual applicator to the control unit $95
matrixmobil_tasche_60px Shoulder bag made of anthracite-coloured plastics, easy to clean $120
Did you know?

The main focus of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is to restore the extracellular structure through rhythmic micro-extensions. This promotes in turn healthy cell metabolism and autonomous body healing.

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