The most startling success was in the treatment of an AFL footballer, whom had suffered 2 quadriceps contusions or “corkies” the previous Saturday.  I saw him Tuesday and on assessment he had a knee flexion range of 10 degrees.  Usually a patient like this needs a full 72-96 hours post injury before applying direct soft tissue techniques to the painful site and damaged muscle cells.  I utilised the MRT through the anterior and lateral regions, along the full length of the muscle, including directly over the corkies, as well as my standard Osteopathic techniques to balance the lumbo-pelvic region and increase hip and knee biomechanics, and post treatment found the patient to have almost full, about 170 degrees quadriceps flexion range.  He was extremely pleased as he was able to train fully that day, rather than potentially not for another 48-72 hours even longer, thus his return to training was far quicker than anticipated.

Dr. Damien J. Guengerich
Osteopath & Athletic Performance Consultant