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There are many good reasons for taking part in a Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy workshop:

  • to learn about latest research and a new therapy concept
  • the search of new perspectives for physical therapy and sports medicine
  • or considering whether to purchase a Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy device (Matrixmobil®).

What you can expect from our workshops:

  • receive a certificate ( requirement to be allowed to use Matrix Therapy in Australia
  • hands on workshop – see and feel the fast results yourself
  • friendly, professional and enjoyable learning environment
  • earn CPD points ( we are expecting to have finalised accreditation with most common industry associations by March)
  • small groups

Level 1/ Basic Workshop

A precondition for the purchase is participating in the one-day introductory workshop. On the one hand, we fulfill the legal obligation to explain the device’s operating mode to our new customers. On the other hand, we will teach you the most important basics of the matrix concept, Matrix-Therapy and hands-on practical application with the Matrixmobil®. This training has been found to be very important and valuable for day-to-day use of your new equipment. Apart from that, you will be offered a source of inspiration concerning the latest results from research and evidence-based background information.

Level 1 workshops are 6 hours and we offer two options:

  • Full day (on weekend)
  • Two evenings (during the week)

Level 2 Workshop 

These workshops are usually 2.5 – 3 hours each and a great way to deepen your knowledge and treatment technique with MRT. What you can expect: Learn about special interest areas

  • Become more confident in the use of the Matrix Therapy device
  • Ask all your questions about treatment protocols and experience from a practitioner
  • We offer the option to customise workshops to your needs and areas of interest.

Regular group workshops will start in 2017.

Sign up to our newsletter here to stay tuned about upcoming workshops. Until then, we offer private, personalized workshops. Please contact us to find out more.

Did you know?

The main focus of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is to restore the extracellular structure through rhythmic micro-extensions. This promotes in turn healthy cell metabolism and autonomous body healing.

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