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Healthy Resources Australia (HRA) is a newly established distributor of technologically advanced medical supplies, products and services. Our focus is in Allied Healthcare, providing customers with the latest and superior innovative technology available. With our strong relationships and connections in Germany, we are able to source new and exciting products that have been German engineered and manufactured

Exclusive Australia and NZ distributor of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy (Matrixmobil®):

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is the outcome of research studies into cell biology conducted at Erlangen University in Germany. The TGA approved device assists therapists to quickly, yet gently, relief pain and restore natural muscle function, while saving his/her own hands. Reaching up to 8cm deep, the therapy has proven to be effective in rehabilitation, regeneration and injury prevention. The therapy also helps to optimize the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, for accelerated healing results and stress relief. More info here

Matrix – Rhythm- Therapy Treatment Centre

We are excited to have now opened up our own Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy Centre in North Melbourne.
The innovative and systemic therapy from Germany gently restores healthy muscle function and helps optimize the regulation of the autonomic nervous system for faster pain relief, rehabilitation and regeneration.
More info and treatment bookings HERE

Did you know?

The main focus of Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is to restore the extracellular structure through rhythmic micro-extensions. This promotes in turn healthy cell metabolism and autonomous body healing.

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